Transitioning to an Electric Vehicle can be a big decision. We want to help by offering programs that allow you to keep your EV charged and ready, while also helping to keep energy costs affordable. Our programs will help you get setup for EV charging!

  • Read over the details below of our EV programs.
  • Consult the FAQ or contact us with any questions you might have.
  • Members can chose to take advantage of one of the EV programs offered.
  • Sign up for the program that works for you!
SmartCharge is our new EV program, available in January 2022. SmartCharge will make home charging simple by providing both a Level II home charger and easy to understand billing for your electric vehicle. Read more about SmartCharge below.

Want to get started?
Members with electric vehicles can choose to participate in one of our EV program options. These programs are evolving with some being phased out in 2022.

If you need more information please contact us. We'd be happy to talk through the details of each program and even provide an estimated savings analysis based on your current bill.
What Is It A simple flat rate program that allows unlimited off-peak charging from 9:00pm-5:00am. Eau Claire Energy will provide the vehicle charger, installation, and lifetime maintenance on the charger.
Program Available This program will be available starting in January 2022.
Program Details For $35 a month Eau Claire Energy will provide a Level II vehicle charger ($1,100 value) and unlimited off-peak charging from 9:00pm-5:00am each day. On-peak energy rates will apply if you want to charge your vehicle outside of this time - you are in control! Additionally ECEC will provide warrenty and support for the vehicle charger as well as access to charging data via a mobile app.

Note: this program is based on 400kWh average per month. If a member utilizes more than 600kWh per month for three consecutive months, additional charges will apply.

What Is It Members can receive a $500 rebate towards an in-home Level II charger when allowing ECEC to connect the charger to a load control device.
Program Available Yes, currently available to members that own an electric vehicle. This program will be ending in 2022.
Program Details The charger must be connected to a load control receiver and controlled from 2:00pm - 9:00pm Monday - Friday.

What Is It A special pilot rate for EV owners that doesn't involve any equipment installed in your home. When charging your EV during off-peak hours the electricity you use will be free (up to 400 kWh).
Program Available No, this program was limited to 25 participants.
Program Details Every month up to 400 kWh of electricity used from 10:00pm - 6:00am will be free on your energy bill. Energy used the rest of the day, or in excess of 400 kWh between 10pm-6am, will be charged the on-peak energy rate. See the rate details for more information.

SmartCharge FAQs

Smart CHARGE requires use of the ECEC supplied charger. If you wish to use a different charger, please contact ECEC for alternative rate options.
$35 covers unlimited usage between 9pm – 5am. If charger usage becomes excessive for three straight months, member may be disqualified from the program and offered an alternative rate option.
Eau Claire Energy Cooperative will complete the final hook up, mount the Level 2 charger and confirm operation. Any additional circuit wiring, panel or service upgrades are the responsibility of the member/property owner.
A licensed electrician is required to perform this type of service. If you aren’t sure where to start, please contact ECEC for referrals.
A Level 2 charger can be installed in a rental with written permission of the property owner.
The charger has a lifetime warranty included with the subscription price.
ECEC is available during business hours, as well as 24/7 support available via the 800 number on your charger.
For the SmartCharg program youou can use the charger whenever you would like. Any charging done outside of 9pm – 5am will be billed at an on-peak rate.
Members with member-owned or community solar should contact ECEC prior to charger installation to discuss your options.
No, Eau Claire Energy owns the charging equipment. If you are moving, please contact Eau Claire Energy Cooperative. We will remove the charger from your current location and, if you’re moving to a different address in our service territory, install the charger at your new home. If you are moving outside of ECEC’s service territory, contact your new utility to see if they have an EV charging program.
ECEC has a number of different EV charging programs. Contact us and we will help you find the program that’s right for you!
Our $35 per month subscription price is based on one vehicle charging. Please contact ECEC for alternative rate options if you have multiple electric vehicles.
All electric or plug-in hybrid (PHEV) qualify for this program. If you are unsure, please contact ECEC to determine your vehicle’s eligibility.
Information about our chargers can be found at www.charge.coop.
The 60-amp charger is capable of 11.5 kW charging rates vs. the 40-amp charger at 7.7 kW. Both chargers can charge a depleted battery to 80% within 5 – 8 hours. Charge rate capabilities vary by vehicle. Please check with your vehicle owner’s manual for more information.

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