Account Name Change (No trip by Cooperative) $15.00
Collection Trip Charge $40.00
Connection Charge — Business Hours $40.00
Connection Charge — Non-Business Hours $150.00
Customer Outage Fee (customer-caused) First Time — No fee; damages will apply
Second Time — $100.00 fee; damages will apply
Damages Time and material
Deposits — Disconnected for Non-Payment A deposit of 2 months energy, $100 minimum required for reconnection.
Note: a deposit equal to 4 months estimated usage may apply for non-payment during winter months.
Deposits — New Customer No deposit required with adequate credit reference, otherwise: a deposit of 2 months estimated energy
Note: $100 minimum required from any customer who has been disconnected for nonpayment or who has left an unpaid energy bill at any "utility"
Interest on Deposits PSC established rate (1.6% as of January 1, 2020)
Line Extension to New Customer No free allowance
Full estimated cost of extension service connection fees apply
Membership Fee $0.00
Meter Socket Removal for Residing No charge if there is a 3 day notice
Meter Tamper $100.00 plus damage costs
Meter Test Fee $20.00 per meter
NSF Check $35.00
Non-AMI Meters Installation $40.00 per meter
Non-AMI Meters Reading $10.00 per month
New Service Connection $30.00
Reconnect within 12 Months in the same name The smaller of: sum of the avoided monthly service charges plus any applicable reconnection charge or $200.00.
Straight Time Line Work $125.00 per hour
Temporary Meter Loop Contact ECEC Operations Department for a quote
Winter Construction Charge When underground service is requested and scheduled for construction after November 1, a "winter construction charge" may be collected. This charge will cover the additional cost of installing facilities in frozen conditions or the installation of a temporary overhead line until springtime construction can be completed.