Account Name Change (No trip by Cooperative) $15.00
Collection Trip Charge $40.00
Connection Charge — Business Hours $40.00
Connection Charge — Non-Business Hours $150.00
Customer Outage Fee (customer-caused) First Time — No fee; damages will apply
Second Time — $100.00 fee; damages will apply
Damages Time and material
Deposits — Disconnected for Non-Payment A deposit of 2 months energy, $200 minimum required for reconnection.
Note: a deposit equal to 4 months estimated usage may apply for non-payment during winter months.
Deposits — New Customer No deposit required with adequate credit reference, otherwise: a deposit of 2 months estimated energy
Note: $200 minimum required from any customer who has been disconnected for nonpayment or who has left an unpaid energy bill at any "utility"
Interest on Deposits PSC of Wisconsin established rate
Line Extension to New Customer No free allowance
Full estimated cost of extension service connection fees apply
Membership Fee $0.00
Meter Socket Removal for Residing No charge if there is a 3 day notice, otherwise $75
Meter Tamper $100.00 plus damage costs
Meter Test Fee $50.00 per meter
NSF Check $35.00
Non-AMI Meters Installation $40.00 per meter
Non-AMI Meters Reading $10.00 per month
New Service Connection $30.00
Reconnect within 12 Months in the same name The smaller of: sum of the avoided monthly service charges plus any applicable reconnection charge or $200.00.
Straight Time Line Work $125.00 per hour
Temporary Meter Loop Contact ECEC Operations Department for a quote
Winter Construction Charge When underground service is requested and scheduled for construction after November 1, a "winter construction charge" may be collected. This charge will cover the additional cost of installing facilities in frozen conditions or the installation of a temporary overhead line until springtime construction can be completed.